zaterdag 28 mei 2011

ANADP11 - corrections & additions

_DSC2663I welcome anyone who does not agree with something I have written about the conference to send me an e-mail ( There was a lot going on at the conference, and I may have gotten some things wrong. I slip any changes back into the original text, but for early readers, I will list them specifically in this blog post.

Blog no. 5, about standards:  I rewrote Hans Hofman’s comments on Saturday, 17:00 Dutch time) after an e-mail from him which clarified his viewpoint:

Hans Hofman of the Dutch National Archives (also attending on behalf of the International Council of Archives) suggested that there are many standards already available that also relate to digital preservation, such as international record keeping standards. He feels that we keep reinventing the wheel if the DP community does not make use of these. As an archivist, he also felt dat the discussions at this conference were being dominated by libraries and their collection approach to digital preservation, and if there ever is a next conference (there was talk of that possibility), we should find the common ground between libraries and archives (active management over time of digital objects) and focus on those.

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